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Jul. 22nd, 2009

the end.


relinquishing the livej, kids. peace out.

Jul. 3rd, 2009

bye bye, bg.

Oh, what a damper on my day.

After all the talk and rumors, it's released and official: Ben Gordon will no longer be with the Chicago Bulls next season. D Rose I love you to death, but you are more of an assist man (maybe you'll be 100x more awesome this upcoming season since it won't be your rookie year but that's besides the point), but you gotta admit BG was your main scorer. Granted he could be wishy-washy and when he was off he was waaaay off and I hated him for that... but that can be worked on. When you got him going, that man was on fiyah! You couldn't count on Rose for last minute 3-pointers... that boy got nervous.

So yeah, BG's gone and to top it all off the Bulls ain't got a big-ass center yet either. Sheesh. Well, we'll just have to see how this season goes, Thomas is gonna have to step it up.

Jul. 1st, 2009

the new love of my life.

It's been a few weeks so I figured I'd introduce y'all to the new lovely in my life, now that I'm moved out of the city and settled (and unhappy) back home.

(Eh, don't mind the dirty ass mirrors!)

Still working on the kinks and what not, but ain't she/he a beauty? Yes, there will be a determinant gender and a name soon enough, don't poke fun!

In other news, off to the Taste, where errybody and they mamas are going to be because of Ne-Yo and Keri Hilson.

Aaaaand, I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS COVER... can you believe this shit's recorded live? Always gotta enjoy Erykah's vamps and when dem Roots play and do their thang!

But seriously, The Roots threw down!! The friggin instrumental's are sick, compared to the original. I think MJ would be proud :)

Jun. 28th, 2009

dreamin' dreamin'

Need to sleep, seeing the sun rise.

Well, at least I can be decisive about something: I want these. The end.

img cred: highsnobiety

Jun. 26th, 2009

mj & the world.

Jay said it the best: "I love the radio for first time! Michael Jackson greatest hits all day!"


The bf called during work yesterday urging me to Google the details on MJ. He thought his co-workers were messing with him. At first most of the articles posted had some version of "suffered cardiac arrest," with nothing noting his death so we thought it may be a fluke. But after a few refreshes, within minutes that most turned into few, and I eventually saw it for myself on WGN when I turned on the TV.

I'm not one to make such a biggie over celeb deaths, but what a fucking legend. Not even just to our generation y'know? There's very few artists in the history of music that you can really say made a huge impact on the industry, and he was undoubtedly up there.

I'm pretty sure we all have our own personal MJ stories from our childhood. For me, the first would be the days my mom would have the Thriller record on repeat back at our apt in Chicago on Troy (and me dancing my butt off... my dad has the most embarrassing videos...). The second would be the very first time I heard the Jackson's version of "My Cherie Amour" in my dad's car. I can't remember where we were driving to, I can't even remember which car it was, I just remember falling in love with the damn thing. Ergo, has always been my favorite version of the song, hands down.

Oh, and I fucking loved the "Scream" video. Him and Janet nailed that shit! Amazing.

It's weird because he's one of those celebs that we pretty much think's invincible (no music pun intended), even though we know they're not, but when they actually do pass away it's... unreal.

Martin Bandier, Chairman & CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, said:
"Michael was the kind of amazing talent that comes along once in a lifetime. He was an incredible recording artist, an insightful businessman, an unmatched performer, and a true icon.

What are your memories of Michael, and where and how did you find out about his passing?

Jun. 25th, 2009

chicago el rant, amongst other things.

I had to let 3 freaking trains go by at the red line Lake stop yesterday afternoon. Granted it was rush hour... and granted I could've just been a bitch and shoved people out of the way... but you'd think some people would just have the common courtesy to fucking move.

Any of you who frequent public transportation know what I'm talking about. When it's that time of day (or maybe not even a time of day like rush hour, maybe just a day in general... like the day of a Cubs game... or a Sox game) and all the cars are filled up to the door. Except they're really not, and there is this huge gapping space in the middle of the car that people could clearly occupy so that more passengers could get in. C'mon people. Men and women do not have cooties anymore, we are not in kindergarten; get close!

The excessive heat wasn't helping my irritation either. And that dumb cashier at H&M. I've worked retail how many years of my life, but wow... let's just she say was special.

I did, however, manage to cop a hoardload of things for 5 bucks a pop while I was there. Seriously, my eyes lit up like the trees on Christmas Day! Red $5, $10, and $15 tags were everywhere! The most "expensive" thing I bought was this black satin romper for $15, which was completely worth it since I've been lusting for one. Y'know, and rock them with some kick-ass heels MK & Ashley style... aaaaaaaaanyway...

An old DePaul classmate/groupmate of mine shared her photos from her engagement session this weekend by Steve Koo... and they're gorgeous! If you wanna take a look, you can find it on the blog here, the Evelia and Ariel photoshoot entry.

Fucking jealous. If you know me well at all I adore looking at wedding and engagement photo shoots, especially of this one photographer duo from NYC who shall remain nameless... they're all over the blogosphere anyway for shooting stylish weddings, so you could probably guess who. You'd also know if you're a close friend of mine, as I recommend them constantly (Ali even told me she was tearing up looking at the website when I showed her because the photos were that beautiful). Honestly, when I have the dinero one day they will be the ones to shoot my wedding!

There is literally nothing in that portfolio I am not in love with. When it's time for me to plan for a wedding and I could grab them as my photographers, I will cut budget elsewhere just to reallocate money towards hiring them for both engagement and wedding photos! No lie, there are other awesome photographers out there, maybe even better, and maybe even someone who could probably offer a better price point... BUT until I fall in love with someone else's work, as I have with theirs, I want them, and them only! If you're curious for my recommendation just get at me, I'll tell you :)

In other news, I'm also craving this Thakoon skirt from the Resort 2010 collections. Which is sad because as much I would love to be a proud owner of this, it will absolutely not work on pear-shaped figures like mine.

Even if I got skinny it wouldn't work. Skirts like this are not flattering on big-hipped women. Ugh, kill me now.

Jun. 21st, 2009

heart is talkin' loud.

A. Wang.

Seriously, this boy is trying to kill me! Pre-Fall '09 lust:

In other news, Happy Father's Day to the best pops ever!

Jun. 17th, 2009

if this your favorite song, turn your radio on...

'Twas a rollercoaster weekend...

In other news, it's lunch break and copped this off Frankie's Tumblr:

The amazing thing is this: 90% of a woman’s emotional problems stem from feeling unloved. So don’t stand back and analyze her, like a doctor diagnosing a patient, or like a therapist questioning a client. Give her your love - the same love that is motivating your questioning - immediately and unmistakably. Walk over to her, look deeply into her eyes, hold her and stroke her, tell her how much you love her, smile, hum her favorite song and dance with her, and chances are, her emotional problem will evaporate. She may still have some situation to deal with, and you may be able to help her with that, but the emotional aspect will be converted to love. It is a very rare occasion when your analysis of her mood relieves her of it. Most often, your analysis and attempts to fix her will just piss her off more. Ask her if she would rather you gave her love or analyzed her when she is upset. It’s so easy to give her love; it’s what both of you really want anyway. But as a man you are more likely to try to fix her. That’s exactly not what she wants, and exactly what will make the situation worse, most of the time.

- David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man

For lack of better words: overloving. Makes me think of the college days dorming with Christie and we'd have Paula DeAnda's cheesy-ass "Overloved" on repeat. I mean seriously, let's get real.

Anyway, this Ginuwine song is stuck in my head like mad. And even though I already knew of it when it leaked in the beginning of '09, only decided to make it my ringtone last night. The song's bridge is fucking catchy, dammit. If I had a dollar for everytime I've found myself randomly singing or humming if this your favorite song / turn your radio on / play it for your man or your lady all day long...

I find it odd how much I enjoy this song actually... especially when I'm not even that much in like with the hook--minus the fact that "then call me Jordan 4th quarter in 92" is slowly becoming one of my go-to fave lines in a typically mediocre R&B hook in a long while! Ha.

Later on, heading to Burt's with the four g-school lovelies, our version of the SATC four. If you recall this was on Anthony Bourdain No Reservations: Chicago (how many times must I say this man is kick-ass) a few months back. I'll let you know how it goes!

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Jun. 9th, 2009

halftime & food porn.

In the middle of halftime of Game 3 (my lovely Lakers will make a comeback in the 2nd half, don't get too comfortable Magic fans), catching up on my blogroll, and now very distracted. And salivating.

Maison des Rêveries' food porn.Collapse )

Looking at her pictures makes me miss scoping out restaurants on the regular. Sigh, reminds me of how working my hiney off to be able to indulge on bomb food [and spoil myself on killer clothes and shoes at that] seems to be, well, fucking worth it (have had to cut down severely when the income took a hit).

UGH. Seriously. When the dinero starts flooding in, next to a major (and much needed) shopping spree, I shall be pigging out.

Jun. 5th, 2009

reminding myself.

Word to blicious for the pic above.

'Twas a beautiful day out. Beautiful music's just the icing on top.

colours of sound, scales and beauty
audio scenery, electric love
and rhythmic symmetry
written in memory
beautifully crafted scenery
complex or simplicity
sonic energy
piercing insensitivity
sympathetic poetry
for some, even identity
collective entity
something to belong to.

a source of energy, the possibilities
wave lengths and bandwidth
higher vibration
energizing entire lands with
or stand for
lovers to walk hand in hand with then plan for
sanctuary chords
harmony, melodies, even riffs can be
disguised human essence
sonically bottled ecstasy or melancholy
agony blues angst
exercising anxieties
fueling entire societies
making economies.

stimulating generating
inspiration synonymously
entertaining expression
intangible invisible but undeniable
plays the language of excitement on survival
some call it tribal
but perspective is everything
connected to everything
some say collectively everything.

Jun. 1st, 2009

this world is just too big.

Copped this off Rachelle's fb.

Need to get off of my ass. Soon.

May. 26th, 2009

dancin hot n sweaty right in front of me.

For real though, drool... enough said.

img cred: belle.chantelle

img cred: the selby

And I still want these... sigh.

img cred: fashion toast

May. 25th, 2009



Never got a chance to post these. Best I've had here in Chicago to date (being healthy also gives them a huge plus from me as I can have them on this diet!), so if any of y'all know anything better... please, digame! They don't have an official website but here they are on Yelp if you're interested.

the one I got -- the palace crepe (cheka chouka) : roasted peppers, arugula, goat cheese, caramelized onion, fresh roma tomatoes, pine nuts, roasted garlic and baby spinach.

A little more food porn.Collapse )


May. 23rd, 2009

Get a clutch at what i could not touch.

BRIEF: Patching things up. Love & Basketball. Sushi. Thai food. Night with the bfs fam. That sums up yesterday. Tonight is DFL formal at the Avalon. Let's hope the dress cooperates! Haha.

Citizen Couture has always been one of those galleries full of inspiration.

Totally digging this outfit... despite the unhealthy reminder of how much I crave a silk Burberry scarf, sigh.

Swank Heights recently posted her lusts from IDONTLIKEMONDAYS, so I peeked at their offerings having not been on the site since its inception. Their selection is limited but their pieces are striking, with nothing too avant garde for my liking. If there were a way to covet any of these pieces right now I'd be on it:

img cred: idontlikemondays

May. 21st, 2009

she takes a long drag with the sun in her eye.

Wide awake now.
There's nothing I can argue.
What can you say when you're rendered speechless?

A few of today's playlist jumbles:

We fight, we love.Collapse )

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